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New Mexico Warriors Bantams 2016-17 on the Cover of the USA Hockey Official Rulebook

NM Warriors 2017 Holiday Classic! -- Dec. 15-17

We are proud to host the 2017 Holiday Classic for mites, squirts and peewees at the beautiful Santa Ana Star Event Center in Rio Rancho, NM!  Looking forward to seeing all the teams on the ice!  Good luck!

Four New Mexico Alumni start the season with a Win!

New Mexico Hockey Almuni Nicholaus Weaver, Matt Orlando, Zach Ganshaw and Dane Whittet have all landed in Colorado Springs, CO, playing for the Tigers U18 AAA.  The Tigers play out of the North American Prospects Hockey League, and also play locally out of the CAHA Tier One league.  In all, the team will play about 60 games in Colorado, Michigan and Minnesota.  The Tigers team was set to play three games against the West Coast Renegades this past weekend, but a last minute cancellation forced a change of plans.  On Saturday night, the team faced the Fountain Valley Prep hockey team where they found themselves down by two goals early in the first.  Team adjustments changed the game, and the Tigers scored three unanswered goals for a 3-2 win.  Old teammates become new linemates ... Orlando, Ganshaw and Weaver are currently linemates and are seeing the benefit of being on the ice with teammates they have skated with for years.  Of the line, Weaver stated "We know the others timing and location .  I know where they are, where they will be next, and what they are thinking.  We hope to continue to build on this chemistry."

To follow the progress of the Tigers and our four NM players, please go to or on the Warrior Alumni page.

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